27th November 2008

New winter season product ranges and pricing schedules in readiness for more growth

Fuel Express have launched the new winter season’s product ranges and pricing schedules in readiness for another period of growth and success.

The winter fuels range, made up of coals, anthracite, logs and associated products, are the main stay of the Fuel Express offering and will continue to be distributed across the country through our network of regional centres.

This core range of product is now complemented by winter gases from Calor and allows even more products and ranges from just one, Fuel Express, delivery.

Gas products are supported by a marketing package which includes a site survey, secure storage equipment, product cards, price tickets, etc. all put together to make gas retailing as simple as possible for our customer.

Our cost-saving, stock rotation system, together with tailored product bunker planograms, complete the Fuel Express winter package.

To find out more about how this proposition can benefit your business, call our sales team on 01924 375577 or e-mail us on [email protected]